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Karuna Reiki

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Physical attendance
 is required.
Puerto Rico

Level 1 & 2 Practice & Practitioner - Karuna Ki
$222 USD per person
2 book manual, attunement & certificates are included.


Level 3 Master - Karuna Ki
$250 USD per person
1 book manual, attunement & certificate are included.

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Physical attendance is required.
Puerto Rico

"Open your heart to love & compassion." Learn to expand the Karuna Ki energy in your consciousness.

Level 1 & 2 Practice & Practitioner - Karuna Ki

Topics to be discussed:
° The origin of Karuna Ki
° The history of Karuna Ki
° Karuna Ki, spiritual assistance & guidance
° Meaning of tunings
° Karuna Ki symbols for level I
° Karuna Ki singing and tone
° Healing with Karuna Ki
° Healing the shadow
° Tuning Karuna Ki level I
° Introduction to the second level of Karuna Ki
° Technical scan (scanning) of Karuna Ki
° Knowing the Karuna Ki mudras
° Karuna Ki symbols for level II
° Using the symbols in treatments (techniques)
° Tuning Karuna Ki level II

$222 USD per person
2 books manual, attunement & certificates are included.

Level 3 Master - Karuna Ki

Topics to be discussed:
Symbols of the Karuna Teacher
° How to use the symbols
° Four meditations of Karuna Ki
° Tuning of the master practitioner
° Introduction to Karuna master level
° Review of previous levels of Karuna Ki
° Teacher Preparation
° How to tune into the different levels Karuna Ki
° How to teach Karuna Ki
° Class curriculum
° Minimum standards for teaching
° Code of ethics
° Karuna Ki Master tuning

$250 USD per person
1 book manual, attunement & certificate are included.

Note: These classes are only taught to people who’ve already taken & passed their second degree of Reiki Western system or "Traditional Japanese Reiki -ho".

What is Karuna Ki Reiki?
Karuna is a word from the Sanskrit language used in Hinduism & Buddhism. It means: Any conscious action taken to reduce the suffering of others. It could also be translated as "Compassionate action." When individuals experience dicernment, they report that all beings are known as one. Therefore, it is natural to extend compassionate action or Karuna to everyone without distinction because we are all one. When we help others & assist in their process of harmonization (soul, mind & body) all beings benefit from it. For all beings are one, it is understood that Karuna is not only extended to others out of love, but also because it is the most logical thing to do. In the same way that you would like to heal your wounds, you would also like others heal their wounds.

Karuna is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings who are working to ease on out, understand & end suffering on Earth. They continually send an unlimited amount of energy & awareness to assist in our harmonization & to guide us, but not all people are receptive to it. When you develop Karuna Ki you will be helping others & yourself as well as being more receptive to the "Karuna consciousness" because of this they are sending all enlightened beings. Thus, their health improves rapidly & is more complete, with better & more results.

Karuna Ki is a system that allows each Reiki practitioner work more closely with enlightened beings including those who are physically present as well as those in spirit.

Karuna Ki Tuning:
For you to work with Karuna Ki you must have taken the degree & tunning with a certified & authorized Karuna Ki Master this will allow you to provide good service & counseling to interested persons.

Karuna Ki tuning is provided by an authorized Karuna Ki Master. The Master is a channel through which the ray of Karuna Ki is channeled & transmitted with tools (symbols) granted to the receiver through tuning so that you could permanently be tuned to this ray & be a channel of this beautiful energy of compassion & love. Through this tuning we can transmit Karuna Ki to us & to others. When we work for others through treatments we are also working for ourselves because our bodies become a channel, the beam passes through us & this allows us to benefit from this beautiful energy of compassion & love.

When we tune the Ray of Karuna Ki:
This act allows us to reconnect with the ancient lotus (soul or individual being incarnated), where the essence of our nature is contained. When Karuna energy touches us inwardly, the emotional & mental Chakra opens up, gradually revealing the secrets of our destiny on earth, the purpose and mission of our soul as manifested in the vehicle body.

Generates love & compassion. Spontaneously, our way of being begins to be purified, & the innate qualities of love, compassion & insight emerge to our actions, thoughts & words. We become expressions of beauty, goodness & truth flowing in our body and soul, radiating in all directions. This allows us to further enable the channel healing energy (Reiki Karuna) & its light, healing on all levels (of consciousness and energy) of those who receive it.

When we start in its vibration we begin to develop Compassionate Love. This qualifies us as health workers bodhisattva of the medicine, therapists & healers. Which presence & creative cure & attract the best for each of us. This will accelerate the process of transformation & ascension into the light.

Healing with Karuna
Karuna Reiki symbols help us work with our conscience, making us more compassionate beings. It also helps us accelerate our healing; it shines and illuminates us undoing the deepest energy conflicts. When working with the symbols of Karuna, we can facilitate the release of conflicts found in our cellular memory. With Karuna Ki we work specifically on conflicts of past lives, karmic & inter-dimensional issues. These benefits are also obtained when we receive or provide therapies Karuna Ki to others or ourselves.